Feeding a dog at home Is it harmful to health ? important !!

We have a false general attitude towards pets. Unfortunately, many people think dogs are a group of hair carriers who carry diseases. However, it is a scientific fact that children who feed their dogs or other pets at a very early age develop their sense of responsibility and are much easier to understand and empathize with others who are not. We believe it is right to leave this point to find the answers to the question of whether food for dogs is harmful to health. Because people who come from the streets face much greater health threats than dogs that need to be at home.

Don’t Put Street Dogs and Pet Dogs in the Same Form

One of the biggest mistakes that most of us have made is the evaluation of dogs on the same scale as street dogs and their health checks and treatments. These reviews suggest that many stray dogs are also found in dogs in unhealthy environments.

Does Dog Skin Make Sick?

The hairs of dogs that are not cured can be a suitable environment in which many diseases find their habitat. If you do not know what kind of food your dog has eaten and in what environment it is, you will not know which dog will infect your house or other people and homegrowners when you return home in the evening.

If you can monitor your dog’s diet and avoid finding it in inappropriate unhealthy environments, there is no reason to doubt your dog’s hair. For this reason, if you feed a dog at home, you do not need to worry about the necessary health checks and regular cleaning.

What is toxoplasmosis for pregnant women?

Toxoplasmosis, in which the hair of animals become carriers of diseases, is a serious threat to their mothers due to the feces of dogs and cats that eat raw meat. Because a dog that carries this disease in its feathers can cause the future mother to drop her baby. However, this applies only to dogs that enter and leave in inappropriate environments and consume raw meat in their diets. There is no risk for dogs that can not eat raw meat and remain under surveillance throughout the day.

Diseases that can be carried by people on the street or in the hospital pose a much greater risk than normal dogs.

Allergy is an important health problem

If there are people in the family who are hypersensitive to various agents like pollen, feathers or dust, feeding a dog at home can be harmful to your health. Since it is not respected, care and cleanliness are not enough, dogs’ hair can be transformed into an environment that can spread allergens at home. Therefore, if you want to feed your dog, you should first know the risks that can be caused by health problems and take the necessary precautions. Taking reasonable precautions will help your dog live a healthy and happy life and eliminate the risks that directly affect the health of you and your family.