Diseases related to feeding in dogs !! very important

Due to inadequate protein development, hair growth is slowed, growth rate decreases, or growth stops partially or completely. Because proteins with sufficient nutrition are necessary for the renewal of epidermal cells, they prevent dandruff and protect the skin’s structure.

Fatty acid deficiency is also responsible for skin and feather structure problems, so the importance of fat in the diet is also important. Although the sensitivity of young children develops faster than in adults, it is considered an increase in dandruff, dryness and hair loss.

Moreover, in dogs, vitamin A deficiency is found in the poor quality of hair formation, in allopecia, in desquamation, in the deficient dandruff of biotin and in the militar eczema.

Many minerals are important for the health of the skin, the most important of these minerals are Cu (copper), Fe (iron), I (iodine) and Zn (zinc).

Copper and iron directly influence length and color. Zinc deficiency can lead to dermatosis.

Therefore, dog food should be adequate and balanced to meet the requirements of proteins, vitamins and minerals.


In a simple sense, obesity is an excess of accumulation of fat in the body. Depending on age, race and gender, obesity can be defined as overweight. At the beginning, it should be noted that the bottom of the tail and the area of ​​the belly are excessively lubricated. The causes included laziness, adversity, lack of exercise, advanced age, irregular diet, sterilization and genetic predisposition.


Obesity in dogs is considered a domestic illness and usually depends on the owner’s lifestyle. Depending on the breed, genetic obesity is more common among Labrador retrievers, collies and non-operating masters. Dogs prone to the value of obesity taste more than contentment. Cardiac dysfunction, respiratory diseases, liver disease, sugar and skeletal disorders are the most

common problems in overweight animals. This problem is rare for dogs under medical supervision.


Excessive weight loss can be defined as a decrease in subcutaneous adipose tissue and a decrease in muscle mass. Excessive weakness manifests itself with the appearance of ribs in the chest. The chest area collapses, the area called hunger on the front of the legs and above the abdomen has collapsed deeply. Among its causes, many diseases can be shown as malnutrition, severe physical activity, oral and dental diseases, metabolic diseases, skeletal disorders. A proper and balanced dietary supplement should be done and the doctor’s support should be taken. It can have serious consequences that could be dead.


It is an important nutritional disorder that causes severe deformity in the bones of large dogs and can be influenced by an unconscious diet, especially during childhood, and affects all lives. The excess weight gain in fat and protein caused by the bones of the full development of stress occurs with excessive stress. Deformities in the bones are the most important manifestations. It can be controlled by the application to a doctor in the early stages.


There are many dangers in a dog’s life. One of them is poisoned. Poisons; digestion causes serious damage to the circulatory and nervous system. In addition to rat poison, overdose of drugs, mixtures used for pests, drugs against plant pests, contaminated food and substances used in cleaning cause poisoning. This list contains the various poisons that are intentionally administered to the animal.

The dog tends to vomit after taking a poisonous substance. After this question, the vet should be consulted.

Hunting dogs can bite snakes. Such an event is recognized by the dog’s reaction. The snake bites the dog to the ground and the bite of the nose usually with the arms or legs that they scratch will try to scratch. The wound must be disinfected immediately, but the dog should be injected into a short-term serum for snake bites. It is necessary for a hunter to bring this serum with him (even for himself). If possible, the snake must bite the blood and allow the free blood to flow and then stop the blood with a tourniquet.


Obesity can be defined as a 15-25% increase in weight by age, race and sexual characteristics. The biggest cause is considered as an irregular diet and immobility. Furthermore, factors such as aging, sterilization and stress are effective. At the beginning, it should be noted that the bottom of the tail and the area of ​​the belly are excessively lubricated. Negative effects; Heart disease, sugar, loss of movement, constipation can be shown as. Obesity is often observed in dogs under regular medical supervision. The use of prescription foods can be controlled through regular medical supervision.


The stomach and intestines are excessively crowded, anxiety, ingestion of foreign bodies, tumors, etc. The extent of continuity is a serious situation that should be taken into consideration. Excessive weight loss creates great weakness, muscle loss and anemia. We need a balanced diet, a supplement of vitamins and minerals. If medical support is not taken, the result can go to death.


It is a condition that occurs in the unconscious and overeating in childhood and radically affects the future life process. During this period, when the bones are not completely developed, a heavy load of nutrients will affect bone development. A nutritional diet under the supervision of the doctor can be controlled by measures in the first period.


This is a bad habit that occurs when the dog does not have enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the first 6 months. And the transition to the professional use of food specially prepared for this situation, as additional products to regain control of doctors, if in this situation, especially in the case of patient anxiety makes you easy to control.


Calcium deficiency (Ca) is one of the biggest nutritional errors in dog care.

Above all, the biggest cause of calcium deficiency during periods of growth is the excessive absorption of phosphorus! Calcium is taken too much meat and vegetables as well as an incomplete diet. For this reason, calcium, in addition to nutrients, will help to solve this problem.

Sodium (Na) deficiency is due to the fact that we do not add enough salt to the dog food we normally prepare at home.

As a result, your animals have problems like tachycardia and outgrowth.

Canine observed mainly in the lack of other nutrients, lilolenik acid (offal feed) reveal (such as zinc, iron, iodine), its lack problems, skin and hair, various vitamins (biotin, vitamin A, E, B2, B6) and essential minerals!


In case of unnecessary use of vitamin D supplements, soft tissue calcification causes damage to the kidneys, especially the veins.

This irreversible problem causes the animal to die if it continues the wrong diet!


“All meat” syndrome; flesh gains more sudden and with the structure of the skin, depending on the pathologies of calcium and iodine deficiency in feeding, sheds, manure – malodorous stool skeletal disorders occurs and problems.

To avoid this situation, vegetable and fruit preparations and additional mineral preparations must be used!

Adult dogs with strong or weak lactose intolerance observed, milk and dairy products because only within certain limits and it is recommended to mix with water as half of milk.

Daily intake of lactose should not exceed the calcium content of 1-2 g / kg live weight!

or the consumption of too much bone is constant in the movements of the dog (10 g / kg of calcium / day), to challenge heavy constipation (obstruction), wounds and diseases of the digestive system!

These 4 articles are reviewed under the title “Dog owners and habits” and often with their inaccuracies in the diet, dogs, paid attention and even led to death and even death!

To minimize all these nutritional deficiencies, a diet should always be done under the supervision of a doctor, and professional dry food should be given maximum care!