Dog health and vaccines !! please note !!

Dogs are the most loyal and loved friends of the people. Having a dog also reguires  regular care . the health of our little friands is important for us . the first guestions that come to the minds of the dog owners are how to pay attention to health of the dog ,when vaccination should be  done . like us , dogs in many different  areas  are  likely to be ill and they can live some problem.for this reason , the possibility of disease has not yet taken you should vaccinate them and you should protect them from disease.

The most common diseases in dogs : kennelcough ,rabies,corona, virüs infection , bloody diarrhea , youth disease , liver infection . you cant keep in mind the symptoms of every disease and so  if you feel any problems, you should contact with veterinary surgeon. İf you want  a healty and happy dog, you must follow the vaccination  calender and you must have all the vaccinations of your dog in the best way and on time.

Dog vaccines are not mad efor dogs with parasites you shouldn’t wash your vaccinated  dogs two days before the vaccination two days after the   vaccination.

This protects your dog from deadly diseases. For vaccines , vaccines should  be vaccinated at oppropriate intervals for  age vaccine , parasite treatment , rabies vaccination and so on. For example, the duration of rabies vaccine is around  two, three mounts. Combination vaccine should be given every 16 weeks . Detailed  dates will be meticulously  explained by your vet.

İn particular , puppies  are reguired  to  suck milk from their mother at least one and a half months in terms  of their health. Domestic animals are very sensitive during their breedin  period. Therefore  puppies  shouldn’t be taken out of the house until their vaccination. İt is a race produced for guarding and protection.