Dog Sterilization we need to know them !!!

The effects of castration on dog behavior and health have been controversial for about ten years. The reasons for the treatment of behavior, race and health should be considered together with the recommendation for sterilization.

The Effects of Dog Sterilization on Health

Because the uterus is removed from the female sterilization process through the sterilization process, the risk of uterine cancer disappears regardless of the age of the dog. Once born, you can eliminate the risk of uterine cancer, but the risk of breast cancer does not decrease. Therefore, sterilization before puberty is recommended.

On the other hand, the mother’s animals spend the necessary nutrients on their offspring during pregnancy and lactation, although they feed on their body and increase the risk of bone marrow at that age.

In males, premature castration avoids testicular cancer and minimizes the risk of prostate cancer. It also reduces the risk of injury and death due to behavioral influences, such as evasive maneuvers and combat missions. Contrary to popular belief, early sterilization has no negative impact on the physical development of dogs.

Effects of Dog Sterilization on Behavior

It is true that dogs have maternal motives, but maternal motives and emotions do not develop until the first mating. In other words, the concept of motherhood does not occur in an unborn dog. People are encouraged to have feelings of motherhood and fatherhood from their childhood. One day he is told that they will be parents, and children are beginning to imagine this process. In dogs and cats, however, it is only learned when the mother and father appear for the first time and such predictions and desires are not available before adolescence.

A common mistake is that dogs do not mate with one of their families. Although Kangals is shown as an example of this belief, this is due to the fact that the Kangals never grow in the same village and their families. All living beings in nature tend to mate with the farthest individual. However, if the male offspring of a dog is 2 months and 8 months later, the dog may resign without any questioning if you make him angry.