Skin diseases in dogs !! what can we do !!

Skin diseases that occur in dogs and other pets are usually caused by bathing. Chemicals such as soaps and detergents that can damage animal skin should never be used. In the case of use, the skin of the dogs is irritated and various skin diseases have occurred. Some of these diseases include fungus, eczema, hair loss and inflammation of the skin.

Dogs in the streets of the feet can cause various diseases. Skin disorders can also be the result of bites or scratches.

How are these skin diseases treated?

The abscess explodes on itself, however it can be treated by veterinarians and treated with antibiotics. There are also skin diseases caused by factors such as fleas and ticks in the soil. In these cases it can be seen itching and redness. Therefore, you must immediately contact a veterinarian. Eczema is an important skin disease. The balanced protein diet is divided into 3 as a vitamin deficiency and allergic eczema.

Excessive hair loss can also be a sign of skin diseases. Especially in castrated dogs, hair loss is observed by a hormone deficiency. The bacteria called Staphylococcus epidermitis ok cause inflammation of the skin.