Symptoms of scabies in dogs Treatment of scabies in dogs !!!

Infectious parasites, scabies can be seen in dogs suffering from germs, which we call bacteria. The virus was deposited on the dog’s skin over time, the skin was colonized and the period of contact with these parasites after 10 days to 8 weeks. In this process, secondary infections can easily develop. Treating the infection without delay is very important for the health of your pet. The infection has an important place in the death of the dog.

Symptoms of scabies in dogs

Scabies in dogs has signs of infectious and severe pruritus. Without treatment, the condition becomes stronger and the wounds in the skin become larger. In dogs, the symptoms of scabies start with sudden and intense itching. If you notice that your pet has severe itching, you should take it immediately to the vet. Scabies can transmit to other animals and people in the home. The dog’s scabies can not complete its life cycle in humans, but it itches the person for five days until death. In other words, the bacterial condition may not affect humans as much as dogs, but intense itching can lead to skin redness. Your dog is different from the day you want to receive healthy, grumpy, itchy, appetite and aggressive grades.

Reddening of the skin, changes in the skin, loss of hair, wounds and bleeding are the symptoms in dogs with scabies. Because of the damage caused, the skin thickens and the secondary bacteria start to form a wound. The dog’s stomach, legs, ears, chest and elbows are areas in which the wounds increase. Scabies can spread all over your body if you do not notice and treat your dog’s symptoms.

If dogs are not treated with scabies, your pet will suffer serious illness, loss of vision, loss of hearing, loss of appetite and weight loss. The type of bacteria that cause scabies has a life cycle of over twenty-one days. The viruses of adult females create holes in the skin to form a tunnel and produce several eggs a day and settle on the skin every three weeks. Each egg opens in five days, the larvae mature. Growing up, the dog’s discomfort increases.

Causes of scabies in dogs

Scabies can be infected by other dogs, wild foxes and coyotes. The living conditions of the animals and their contact with other animals make them sick. Therefore, you must first bring the dog from the shelter or the road to the vet and check your health. You may not be aware of your pet’s past life, so take precautions and do not disturb the controls.

Dogs with health problems are more likely to react when they are sick. When his health is poor and his body is weak, scabies can become a very frustrating disease. Dogs that are not able to eliminate a serious illness such as scabies can not heal and die. There are dogs that can heal dogs and those who die of negligence and contempt. The length of scabies and spread time are one of the important factors influencing the healing time of the dog.

If the care products used in scabies are also used in other dogs, viruses can be transmitted more easily and the disease can be spread. The items that are used in the care of every dog, food containers and beds should be something special. When a disease occurs, it is very important to do so to prevent the spread of the disease from one to another. Until the symptoms appear, the substances you use may already spread the disease and may be late, even if they are no longer used. When you bring your pets home for the first time, you must pay attention to their cleanliness and care.

Diagnosis of scabies in dogs

If you bring your dog to the vet by appointment, you should immediately report your suspicions and your observations to the doctor. Pet owners control the symptoms and change well and go faster to the vet and find solutions. The vet tries to treat the bacterial skin infection by taking the stool sample from the dog or taking a blood test. A blood test and stool sample are important diagnostic tools to determine the cause of your dog’s pruritic skin. Sampling of the skin and observation under the microscope are the definitive methods of diagnosis. For parts that are taken from the skin, it is necessary to go deep and the eggs are clearly visible. Sometimes there are cases when the eggs are not seen

Is Scabies in Dogs Transmitted to People?

Yes, it works. But the dog scabies a man disappears for about 15-20 days. For scabies that live in dogs’ bodies, it can not multiply in humans.

Treatment of scabies in dogs

You can have other dogs or family members next to your dog. Even if their symptoms do not appear yet, they should be treated immediately. Scabies is very contagious in dogs. It is possible that your pet’s hair should be cut to effectively treat scabies. Rinse the skin gently with a medical shampoo. In the next phase, it is necessary to apply a product such as lime and sulfur. The weekly practice should be continued as it may be difficult to eliminate scabies.

In the treatment of scabies in dogs, tablets and needle therapy are among the applications. It is often necessary to create a combination of drugs to fight infections. If the infection is severe and secondary complications develop, the dog must stay in the hospital and be treated there. During your stay at the hospital, information on your condition should be collected and caution should be exercised. If your condition is not serious and your health is good, the vet will drive you home. Except in the most severe cases, treatment is continued at home and the vet receives help. If you do not see any improvement in your dog’s condition during home treatment, you should contact your veterinarian again. Drug treatment and cleaning must be very important and precautions must be taken.

After treatment with scabies in dogs

Your pet is infected with mite infestation and can last up to six weeks. It is necessary to fully share the situation and the process with the veterinarian. If you go to the vet for treatment and come home, you should follow the dog closely. If you have any questions about side effects and treatment, you should contact the phone.

Extend the sheets or thoroughly disinfected with warm water and detergents for the health of your pet. Do not let your dog climb up your bed or furniture until your dog’s health is restored. Do not bring other dogs or family members who are sensitive to the dog being treated with scabies. If you notice your dog’s problems, you should seek expert help rather than cure yourself. You can do more damage to your dog with applications you do not know at home. Interventions with expert hands give faster and more accurate results.

It is also the owners’ task to make disturbed animals healthy again. You should not give up your dog because of scabies. It is possible to regain health before being treated too late. In this case, it is important to recognize the disease and treat it to the vet. If delayed, this can lead to significant consequences that can lead to death.