The importance of exercise in dogs !! Why exercise is important ?

This question may vary depending on the age and health of the dog. 10 month old Terrier puppy can play the game much more but bulldog (for example the bulldog is 5 years old) can need less exercise. Some 8-year-old golden dogs may need a lot of exercise, while 3-year-old dogs of the same type may require less exercise. However, all kinds of dogs need to walk to run. He recommends that you give your dog at least 30 minutes a day to spend time with.

Exercise rules for some dogs to work is:

  • Active type dogs require a tight exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. Most days of the week or even daily.
  • Toys for small dogs in the house are not enough, which can cause them to gain weight in the future.
  • It is not correct for your dog to exercise during extreme heat or extreme cold. Pay attention to your health condition by your dog’s type.
  • A good exercise does not only involve exercising muscles. You should do training exercises with him. I recommend you to read our page for dog training.
  • Contact a dog with a tired dog and a good dog logic 🙂

You have a garden where you can spend time with your dog. You have a great area to play with it.

You can use the parks nearby to exercise your dog. But do not forget that every dog will get along well with other dogs. If necessary, you can walk your dog on a leash, sometimes running and walking. This is a good way to put the stress of the day for you.

İf some Dogs don’t do exercise well then dogs often take excess weight. This carries a lot of life-threatening risks for them. And because of this Obesity in dogs can cause many health problems, from stress to tendon tears.