General Features of Afghan Hound !! Great breed !!

One of the oldest known dog breeds, the Afghan Hound is a genus used as a hunting dog. This dog breed, which is known to be the homeland of Egypt, has been taken under protection for many years in order not to spoil its race. The spread to the world took place after many years and met with Europe. One of the most important features of this breed is the ability to see. Therefore, in hunting large wild animals, they were a race preferred by hunters.

In time, they started to be preferred as pets due to their beauties. However, it is not quite right to look at them as pets. The reason is that these dogs are not suitable for houses. Animals who love to live in nature. It is best to look at the houses with garden at least.

General Features of Afghan Hound

Adolescent Afghan Hound, 20-25 kg. It weighs. Their size can reach 60-70 cm. They can be in various colors. There are even three colored ones. It is a breed with silky hair. Very fast running is another distinct feature. For this reason, they are found among the Dogs we encounter frequently in races. Trainings are not easy, in terms of personality traits. Dogs are stubborn. As body structure; long, narrow skull, strong jaw structure, very hairy, long and floppy ears are located. His personality traits include courage, intelligence, friendship, Afghan Hound, a cold-resistant race. It is not easily affected from heat. The Dogs’ hairs should be brushed frequently. To stay healthy and happy, every day should be run long distances.

I found a fun video about pug Afghan Hound :