Pug Dogs women fall in love with this genre !!

Dogs of the Pug type are extremely loyal, lovable and emotional shaped Dogs. A house with garden to look at Pug is not necessary. They are suitable dogs in places of mass, especially for house or apartment.

General information

Pug loves to play games with the owner or other people. A close friend for children playing, becomes a close friend. Although it tends to bite, it is actually benign and bites very rarely. Straight legged and short It is not very hot and very cold resistant. It is an energetic animal. In order to protect their health, they must be constantly on the move and do their exercises sufficiently. Pug is a kind of dog that is mostly owned by female animal lovers. They are happy and mobile, they are loyal and they are attracted by women. In addition to being very clever, there are some rules that must be constantly repeated :

They are sensitive to sound changes, tone changes, no need to shout in any way. understand the tone of your voice, It is a breed of dog that can go well with other pets. It is known as a stubborn species.


Pug origin is very old. It was first seen in Asia in 350 BC. Over time it has become popular with its beautiful appearance and character and spread all over the world via Europe.

I found a fun video about pug :