10 Things You Don’t Know About Dogs

The people are loyal friendly dogs, loved by most people. So having a dog can change the life of a person completely. So what are the unknown aspects of these cute creatures? Here are 10 interesting information that we have compiled for you.

Don’t give chocolate

Teobramine chemical contained in chocolate is a toxic substance for dogs. Dogs eating sweet things can cause them serious damage and even death. So please don’t feed them chocolate and other sweet things.


people like dogs can eat hiccups when they eat and drink too.

Black White

Although people are not as diverse and lively, dogs can detect colors. In other words, contrary to general belief, dogs do not see the world in black and white.


Although it has been said that 33,000 years have passed since the dogs were domesticated, some primitive instincts of the dogs still exist. Examples of this are the tendency to mark the ulula and its regions at the full moon.

Nose Track

To distinguish people from fingerprints  as dogs can also be distinguished from the traces of the nose. So every dog’s nose is different.

Clever animals

Dogs are the only creatures in the animal kingdom that can read people’s facial expressions as well as humans. In other words, dogs can see that their owners are only sad, angry or happy.


Dogs sweat from paws to balance body temperatures.

Body temperature

The body temperature of the dogs is 2 degrees more than the people. That is, the body temperature of dogs varies between 38.5-39.3 degrees. That’s one reason why pests such as flea are haunted by dogs.

tail chase

In other words, the tail chasing behavior in puppies is usually caused by boredom, not by their shyness. If your dog is chasing his tail, it may mean you’re not caring enough.