What to watch out for when naming dogs

The name you give your dog is very important for your communication with him and for training your dog. Make sure that you are not just a name you want to give to your patient friend, but also that you respect these criteria.

  1. The name should be short and clear

Give it a name like Şerafettin, Chocolate, Aleksander so you can recognize it. This makes it difficult for you to place orders. If you lick a drug or a detergent harmful to him, the seconds that you spend with the name of his name are his trademark. Once your dog runs on the street, it is much easier and more effective to call him with a short name. Furthermore, long dog names are always reduced over time. Şerafettin – Şeco, chocolate – Çiko, Aleksander – Alex. You should give it a name.

  1. Use heavy silence

The dogs p, ç, t, k, sh, like the acute silence, are becoming more evident. The presence of a harsh silence in the given name makes it easier for him to respond to his name. Contributes to the educational process.

  1. The name should not consist of sounds similar to the commands you want to use

If you are teaching English and your dog’s name is Seth, you will have trouble with the command. Your dog already has difficulty making sense of human language. For him, language and words are complex sounds created by man. When you add tonal affinity between words, it is inevitable that the paw gets confused and sees you with comprehensive understanding of what to do.

  1. Keep Away From Your Daily Words

If you have called your dog “night”, after the clarification of the name, talk about the magnificent night full of stars. It will see what you are going to command me now.

The name is Cookie or sausage. The names of the prizes are those that dogs learn more easily without training. Every time you call him, he expects a reward. The dog realizes that you can not reach the promised price and the frustration of your dog returns to you during the training process.

Therefore, it is better to choose a name that is not used in everyday life.

You can use your creativity to produce new words or choose a specific word that you do not use in English but in your daily life.

  1. Remember that you may need to say the name aloud on the street

Do not overdo it when you try to give it a fun and interesting name. If you have to call your dog out loud in the street or in the park, it is not necessary to give a name that will make you react to the environment or be ashamed.

  1. Specify a nickname as an additional name

It’s always a good idea to give your dog a second name. There must be a name you did not give it, that you do not offer good things that you can only use if you talk to him or mention him.

You can choose the nickname freely. It does not matter if the name is long or short, which letters are made, funny, interesting, even if it is a name that can not be said too often in public places. A nickname for your patina makes her name special for her. At the same time it prevents the loss of meaning of the real name, the background noise.