Basic commands in dog training !! İmportant

In dog training there are some commands to keep dogs under control.

  • “Watch!” Command: This command gives the dogs the opportunity to go for free or go to the owner. The dog has a collar on the neck. The dog trainer starts running with the strap in his hand. He goes with the command you watch! The training must be given for a maximum of half an hour a day. Otherwise, the dog will be bored and the training will not bring enough efficiency.

  • “Stop!” Command: This command should be undesirable for the dog. The dog is waiting, whatever he does after training. In addition, the dog is in running position, the dog trainer in the hands of the belt with the value of the dog’s nose and during this period “Stop!” give the command when the dog moves, the command “Stop!” commanded. If the dog is stopped, it is assured that he fully accepts his behavior by giving prizes. Likewise, commands like sit, yachts, like ethyl are taken from the dog in the same way.

  • “Sit!” or “Collapse!” Command: It’s enough to use because both have the same meaning. The purpose of this command is to make sure the dog is seated as soon as the dog takes the lead while walking or lying. The dog is mainly executed with the command “look”. After the dog has been stopped with the “stop” command, the trainer can sit by gently pressing on the dog’s hip. The “sit” command continues until the command is completely satisfied.

The reward and punishment methods are of great benefit for the complete acceptance of these commands to the dogs.