Home dog food recipe you should know this

You have a lot of dogs in your house? Do you have dog food too expensive? Why do you spend a lot of money when you have facilities at home? We feed our dogs constantly expensive. And how healthy are those foods for our dogs? I would like to share with you the recipes of ekten home food ’from both you and your dogs.

First of all, you should slowly adapt your dog to the new cooking style. Otherwise, the dog may have diarrhea or constipation. First, add the item you added to the product. If there is no disturbing situation, you can increase the amount. Some vegetables are forbidden. We should be very careful about this. These vegetables; eggplant, tomato, leek, spinach, potato …

The amount that should be given daily is 3% of the ideal weight of the dog.If your dog is overweight, you can make this rate 2%. Do not add salt and spices to food in any way.

Home dog food recipe

If we give you a description; 2 pounds of vegetables can be harmful, of course, then 1.5 pounds of meat, chicken, turkey, this decision is up to you and our decision is brass materials. As you can see, we have a healthy and protein-rich food recipe.

Boil the vegetables for 10 minutes. Do not boil the meat too much because it reduces the protein. Boil the meat in the boiled rice. Mix and boil them all, but let’s not forget that this description is for an adult and healthy dog. And you can be sure the dog will eat this food. He won’t even leave me. Another thing you should be aware of is not to give everything to your dog. For example, chocolate contains dangerous substances for dogs. Onions and garlic cause anemia when consumed too much. Age and raisins cause drowsiness, vomiting and renal failure in dogs. Tea coffee and cocoa affect the nervous system, causes problems in the heart muscle. In the rural areas, feeding with tableware residues causes long-term serious nutritional deficiencies and metabolic diseases in dogs. The most dangerous, moldy stale foods can put the dog in a coma, can cause death. The most important is salt and sugar. These two foods are harmful in dogs as in humans. They affect the senses of sight and can blind them.

When you pay attention to these issues, you will see that your dog will be very healthy. It will provide convenience and financial comfort.