How do I train the dog? A detailed dog training guide for those who ask

Having a dog is a responsibility in itself. However, this responsibility is not one-sided. There are some things that are expected of the dog for mutual happiness. At this point “dog training” comes into play.


Toilet training

First, we decide that our dog should have his bath done by bringing it to newspapers that are placed in a place in the house or every time after eating.

It is necessary to decide first, because it is difficult to change when using the dog. When my dog ​​went to New York for two days to undergo surgery, he kept his poop and pooped in the newspapers.


Training to do somewhere in the home.

We had a dog and hoped we could feed the dog at home. The biggest problem in this case is the dog’s toilet.

Since the puppy needs reflections when it comes to having a strong odor in the home, this will lead to a smell. Before starting the workout, let’s first look at the principle of bringing the next dog bath to a place where it had previously been made.

If the dog in the house did not take a bath, we can go directly to the training. If the dog has taken a bath somewhere in the house, we must do it first, so that the places are not cleaned up well.

Because if the smell remains, education has no meaning and the dog takes a bath in the place where the smell is found. This leads to a wasted training process.

We have cleaned the house and left no smells, so we can enter the training process.

First we have to leave a room in the house or a suitable place for this. We should cover the entire floor with a newspaper. After this phase, we need to keep the dog permanently or after meals, as many of us will have difficulty staying away from our little friend. In the first option our dog spends 4-5 days in this room. Even if it must be removed, the toilet must be removed. Now let’s move on to what needs to be done.

After eating and drinking water, dogs usually need their toilets within half an hour.

This would be good advice for us. The room, which we have separated and covered with newspapers, will be the place where the toilet is removed after eating food. Therefore, we must put the dog in this room immediately after the meal and keep it there until we use the toilet.

The dog returns to the toilet in a newspaper here. After having his toilets, we have to take care of the open newspaper (but not the newspaper) and get a new newspaper.

I will repeat this thing after every bath. On the first day, all newspapers should remain in the room. If the dog creates another newspaper in the same newspaper, we should put the newspaper on the first newspaper to avoid increasing the number of goals.

On the second day of this process, we have to reduce the number of newspapers. In the following days, this process should continue until the only newspaper remains. A process of 4-5 days is sufficient for this job.

Our dog should stay in this room for at least a day, if the last newspaper remains, so that he can take over the newspaper. Our dog must have accepted toilet paper.

In the meantime, the dog must be allowed to recognize the house while training after going to the toilet, so that he can not enter an environment he does not know during bath training.

For our dog, who is learning the house and learning how to make his toilet paper, it is the current stage to learn where to bathe at home.

You have to choose a position for this position, since this is the place where the dog can easily get in and out. If the dog can not enter here, it will take its place and the training will not work.

Once identified this position, the newspaper in which he uses his toilet should be brought into this position. Since the dog knows this place and his newspaper, he will take it to the newspaper when he needs it.

In the early days, the newspaper should have such a smell in the room, so the process should be continued by rearranging the mess and putting on it a new newspaper.

After a few months the documents were completely modified, as now, our dog had his newspaper and toilet on his head so he would have made his toilet paper on toilet paper without the need to smell the toilet.

If we want the do outside from house

We have a dog and we take it home, but we do not want the dog to return to his home. How do we get it? The fact that the dogs we mentioned above eat from their toilets and make water for half an hour or so will be our base.

At this point, we must pay special attention to the nutritional hours mentioned in the nutrition section. Firstly, we will standardize our dog’s feeding time, that is, we feed every day at the same time.

Puppies must feed 3 meals a day. So you took care of your dog’s toilet three times. If the dog needs a toilet, he must go.

For this, you first need to find a place outside where your neighbors do not respond, or if you do not care about your neighbors, the place is not a problem.

After 15 minutes of each of our children, we must create a place for our dog.

We leave the dog outside and wait for her to use her toilet. And if it does, it will reward you. We have to do this job without boredom, because unfortunately we will bring this training to a dead end.

After every meal you should absolutely need your dog. In the following years the number of meals is reduced, but our dog should go at least twice in the morning and in the evening in the toilet can be set. However, you can increase this number if you have time.

Later, our dog will express you so that the need for a toilet is like scratching the door of the road.


We must admit that there is an animal that is smaller and that can pee anywhere on foot.

If you come home and see how the places are upset and scream or despise before your anger, only your dog’s trust breaks down inside you.

Dogs do not have associative memories, come to your home and show him furniture bite or show him furious areas and are angry “including and afraid!” Since you can understand why you are really afraid and afraid of your voice, only you will understand that you are angry with them.

So if we do something wrong, we have to take it and get angry. We will throw it into a pile of iron chains, shout it, or yell it, for example, to do something wrong. He needs to know what he’s doing wrong.

You give them a toy that they can bite while they bite because they bite into the left, because their teeth itch and they are looking for things that bite because of itching. Do not forget that he is the son of all the things you should not do 6-7 months ago, and do not make concessions! Stability is important.

Obedience training: sit down

The easiest way to learn will come when you want something from your dog.

What you do is when you find that it is about to sit down. Means “sit”. We will caress it when we sit down. Every time our dog sits, we make a reflection.

In other ways, we maintain and show something we love. Then we gently bring it to the head, but he does not jump and tries to catch it.


Watch your hand after pulling your neck back a little to sit and see “sitting” at that moment, let’s say.

Lie down

Our dog will be interested in an object, if the situation is still, this command will be taught with food.

We’ll show him this thing, so we’ll take it in his face. By the way, our dog has to sit down.

After moving the object closer to the object on the object that has been lowered on the (paw), we slowly approach towards us, slowly drawing attention as we move the object slowly, and our dog follows the position will go to bed.

In fact, when we place our dog “lie down”, we tactically call a command to get all the commands necessary for the command we give to the command.

Do not forget the prize, as long as this love is the best, do not get used to bribes.


We bring our dog with us and throw a ball forward.

Our dog tries to “wait” the ball (without the extension), screaming and the neck or neck, so as not to hurt the neck, the dog’s neck is hurt. So “hold” you say that we leave our dog. We do it over and over again, after a while you do not run without “hold”.

After teaching “wait” this way, we leave our dog at home. We have food, but it certainly is not.

“Wait … wait … wait …” we move away from our dog. Let’s go around a bit. We say “Come”, when we wait there, without saying anything, we give the price.


If you can teach me something, I tell him that if he has a dominant, hypocritical and curious dog like mine, he always travel with pleasure instead of traveling with you.

Give him a prize and call him “come” and reward him.

You can do it in large areas, you can do it at home, your dog “arrives” when he hears the reward, if you understand the prize.


In fact, most dogs return the item you are throwing. Otherwise, you can do it by throwing it from a table at a short distance and sending it away without hurting it. So take the stick and give it a nice reward.

Search – Find

We can not teach it professionally, but I’ll tell you as much as possible.

First of all, our dog must be odorless and be a dog constantly looking for something that smells of heart.

Not all dogs get every workout. We show our dog a very interesting feed (the fragrant is). So we put the dog on a leash.

In the eyes of her, first of all, at the bottom of an abundance of food, we take food so that the smell is present. So, as if we were drawing a line with a pencil, we draw food with this food about 2 meters in front of our dog. So we solve our dog with the hand in front of us, where we hate a lot, if you smell (according to desire) “where” we call. When he is busy looking, we always say “where”. We always do it with his toy and his favorite food. After a while, when you stop, why do you start feeling the right reflex on the left.

Walking with a leash

Keep in mind that the dog does not guide you, go with the dog. If a Rottweiler puppy is gone, if you take him to the draw, say “You’re so cute, go away”, and imagine what happens when it grow up to 70 kg …

We bring the dog to our left. No, if you say I’m on my right, you know.

We keep the neck down and hold it without us. First he will take his leash so much that he pulls the leash out of nowhere and gets angry with “No”.

Of course, it’s better if you do not break the animal’s neck. If you go deep and you say “You’re pulling a sled”, keep standing like a pile of stalks. Never move. He will try to go for a while, he will never show interest in his face, he will not show, after a while you will understand that you do not want to visit after your visit, you have to stick to it. You will sit with your butt or sleeping. If it does, get up and continue your walk.

When you are in your hands, do not go with the dog on a leash and get used to going with you. After getting used to you, travel without life.

What is important in general?

– The character of the dog, the characteristics of the breed.

– Your resistance.

– You will be stable.

– You will not deceive the dog.

– We do not expect results in 5-10 minutes.

– Do not try to teach one day, your dog will be willing. Do not let your training refresh you.

– And one person who trains him.

Dogs are very conscious and each herd has a head. You will be the leader of the pack.

Do not give him a meal before getting up from the table. You can withdraw it when you drop it.

Do not allow other people to give you the same permission when your dog gets angry, when someone else tries to get their meal, encourage them to say thank you, but let them get rid of the leaders.

The other dog of the herd, who loses his eyes in front of the guide dog, loses his eyes.

Other dogs, which are also popular because of the main dog food, are loved by his head. You are the one who loves.

Sometimes he turns his face briefly and then lashes his legs in fear.

This is an indication of the fear of you, do not do it too much, do not be discouraged, but if it is very difficult to do it in the meantime, especially if it is a dominant dog.

When you come in and hit your child or you scratch a leg, it means you have to show yourself. It’s a small fight for leadership, never play. Games at any time. Do not go to war with the dog.