How to choose puppy dog

The selection of pups makes very difficult decisions. There are many points to pay attention to in this regard.

First of all, the child’s parents should know and know if they have a disease. At the same time, the number of days is very important. Puppies must be at least 45 days old. The immune system of the offspring that is not absorbed into breast milk cannot be strong, which causes the disease to be easily captured.

It is the most lively of the young and the best communication should be chosen. For example, I took my dog from a petshop and bought the brother in a cage where he sat. My other dog tried to eat in front of my dog and the other puppy immediately put his paw in the throat of the other puppies and laid him down on the ground. So he won me with a dog that has gear.

Choosing the right puppy needs a healthy dog. Therefore, the eyes of the dog should be looked at first. This is a positive indicator if the dog’s eyes are shining. Eyes should be as bright as to be observed. In addition, they are important noses that indicate a dog is healthy. The nose of healthy dogs is always moist. But the moisture here is not wet. Noses should not be excessively dry or excessively wet.

When taking Puppies, the teeth, abdomen and genital organs should also be carefully examined. So you can have a perfect puppy.