The most basic points that should be considered by those who want to have a dog

Owning animals is a big responsibility. Let’s take a look at the things you need to know before, so you will not regret it later.

For those who live alone

First of all, you can never look at a dog. So plan your help and support from the beginning. You have a great responsibility, but if you are planning a trip, planning the evening, in emergency situations and similar situations, you should think about it from the beginning. These people can be paid for or just for help. But there must be someone …

Now other suggestions:

1) For the first dog you have to make sure that the breed you choose is first of all a race that will not be affected by your inexperience. Labradors and Golden Retrievers stand out in all races. That’s why they are so popular.

2) There are many relationships between life at home and the size of the dog. In my opinion, the dog’s energy potential is more important. Although it is a small race, a Jack Russell is a much less favorable race when he is alone at home.

3) If you decide on a small race, I’ve never had a race, but as far as I can tell, the French Bulldog or the Miniature Schnauzer works very quietly and I suspect that it is possible to find very beautiful Schnauzer in Germany. (If I were you, I would seriously consider this race)

4) I would recommend as an excellent guide for all dog breeds.

5) Whatever breed you choose, seriously examining potential health problems, I can not repeat how important the first priority is before taking a dog after having experienced it. A purebred dog is always prone to genetic diseases. Do not forget.

Main diseases:

– orthopedic defects, especially in hip dislocation (lower risk in small breeds)

– epilepsy

– deafness

– Eye defects

– Cancer

The best precaution, however, is to choose the manufacturer well and to work with an honest manufacturer who evaluates the choice of health of the dog in terms of health.

6) If you participate in a competition, choose a puppy between 2.5 and 3.5 months so as not to try to manage the behavioral problems of unknown people.

7) If you want to leave the house despite everything, you can bring a puppy “liberated” with you.

Dying in this way, instead of dying on the street instead of giving it a life of conscientiousness that remains closed in your home, can prevent repentance of repentance.


8) But remember that from here, many people who have confirmed that they are ready to own a real dog of life, have to send their dogs with high hopes in one way or another because of the To send the game from home.

Whatever the advice, there is always the possibility that things go wrong. But “good decision” or saying something is a big mistake.

What I would like to say now is unpredictable: Living with a dog is an experience that can only be understood through experience.

So, if you are the first dog, try to choose a quiet race that is as important as a race less affected by the trauma.

Remember, the puppy is a potential nuisance, in which a pee pisses everywhere and wants to chew and destroy the meat.

By living together and knowing you, you can create a creature that has more social harmony than most wild creatures. With interest and awareness everything gets better every day.

Good luck!