The reasons for the dog toilet problem !

There are several reasons for the dog toilet problem. One of these is psychological, as you said. Since I have no detailed information on your dog’s history, current living conditions and toilet hours a day, I will give you a brief overview of the possible causes and solutions.

– Your dog can make his / her toilet for lack of physical and mental movement during absence, anxiety, loneliness, fear of abandonment. To avoid this, you should teach your dog to be alone, not to say that spending time alone at home is a bad thing. The training of being alone, therapy music, aromatherapy perfumes and non-renewable chewing toys helps solve the problem.

– Some of them eat alone when they are alone. Organize your dog’s meal times. Serve your dog twice a day, morning and evening. Do not give a meal outside of her. Take it for a 20 minute walk. Depending on the activity of the Golden Retriver, the daily training requirement is at least 1-2 hours per day.

– Your dog may have a urological problem. To eliminate possible physical causes, take them to the vet and perform a urological test.

Clean your dog’s toilet area with products that completely destroy the smell of pet toilets and prevent your dog from entering this area.

Dogs sold at pet shops, dog farms, used to do toilets in the cages, where they eat in the period when they learn about the things that will affect the whole life. If the people who buy these dogs do not train properly with the toilet, the toilet problem evacuates the dogs from the house. Or some people are used to flushing their dogs at home in the toilet. Since the dog has such training, you must train the toilet from the beginning. It takes time to change what the dog learns from a child. But you can solve it patiently.

Take your dog to the toilet every hour before and slowly increase the hours. At the age of a year and a half, the Golden breed dog should be able to keep his bath comfortable for 8-10 hours.