Types of dog training Important informations !!

Types of dog training

There are also some rules for training our faithful friends who have become part of our lives. Dog training will not benefit if some rules are not followed. Instruction; it should be done on the basis of the reward and punishment system. Your voice should be serious and stable in your commands if you use this method. If you take the training process seriously, the animal will not follow your orders.

After your dog has given the order, you must reward him. First, you should decrease this frequency if you give a prize to every move. The method of stroking the head can be used by saying the “well done” command used by food or toys and expert instructors. The punishments are divided into two, physical or oral. You can physically apply it to the dog if you make the wrong move by pulling the collar. Verbal, saying “no” so hard and serious, do not repeat the warning.

Today there are different types of dog training. There are many different types of education, basic education, refinement. In basic training, next to the dog, the sit-and-release command, a certain discipline and correct behavior are used. If you repeat the commands by letting your dog learn every five minutes, you can transfer your authority to the dog.