What Should Know To Get Dog Training ?

A man and a dog live together. When they sit at home, the door knocks and the dog does not bark, does not jump at the guest, and instead of begging at the table, he lays down in his own bed… It’s so beautiful, is not it a scenery?

Yes, living with a wise dog who knows how to behave is absolutely fantastic. When you train your dog, you trust him whatever you want him to do. So, what is dog training? What do we mean by education?

Dog training means for me to create a language between dog and man and includes dog behavior. Sit down, there is no command, as in the words of good old ethics or morality, in the scenario above is the most important part of the formation.

Man and dog are biologically different species. Since we live in different countries with people who are still our homogeneous, we can not speak the same language, how can we communicate with another kind of people, even if we can not communicate? This seems difficult, but if the right methods are used, the results are very good.

It is a mistake to wait for our dog to follow a rule that we have not yet taught him. If we decide to bring a dog into our family, we often take a puppy. This kitten we brought to our home was probably born on a farm and had never seen a house and close human contact. Above all, there is no doubt that your children will have behaviors that are a dog’s ocelcel. Instead the center of your home, perhaps the finest carpets to pee, we have the “merchandise” is just an object to nibble things, but called it, crying bitterly only when things are normal. Dogs do not know the rules of the human world, they behave like dogs. Since the training goes into the flow. educating our children will grow like a dog, which is what is in this world where the newcomer, In most cases how to respond to teach what an acceptable behavior that is our responsibility is.

Dogs like all living beings repeat behavior that gives them good results and discourage inconclusive behaviors and do not help them achieve their goals. Dog training overcomes these patterns. Many sources mention prices and penalties. But the secret lies in the fact that what we have in mind as prices and penalties is compatible with what is perceived in the dog’s eyes as reward and punishment. A dog with prizes awarded at the right time, in the right sense, despite the smell from the dining table in the bed in the other corner will be placed plus it is brought teachable to a conclusion for his “good”.

Everything we do together with our dog, yes, is exactly their mischievous learning. It looks very cute puppy to get on your knees with your little pat body of the head, in the head of your dog “to jump on people is a good thing”, as it will take place and do not realize most of the people aware of these details. When he grows up and continues to jump on people with his 30 kg body, he becomes a bad dog. The behavior of the dog depends on the behavior of the owner. The conditions for receiving food, water, toys, attention and love (how, when and what you do) are the keys that influence your dog’s behavior. Dog owners should be trained to use these keys.

If you get a dog think certainly should be accomplished with several teachers, a selection coach will teach you how to train your dog with you in your home, you should check with the training from the first day that you start bringing your dog home. The task of the coach, of ‘behavior of your dog, to reward and strengthen the right you should get out of this shaping behavior teach how to use the keys I mentioned above. It is always a sensible decision to work with a good teacher to make sure you understand how important it is to train the dog every second and do not waste those seconds.