What to do and not do in Toilet Training!

The prevention of accidents in the toilets is of great importance in the formation of toilets. Let’s take a look at the full list of what we should do to prevent accidents, complete a complete and appropriate training and what we should not do:

– If your dog completes the toilet training, let him run freely at home, if you have full control. If you can not handle it, keep it in the safe harbor of a cabinet attendant.

Your dog is likely to have accidents with the toilets during the toilet training. Just understand it. Give it time, patience.

– If you take the dog home in the toilet, pull “Aaaaa” with a loud noise like an “ooooo” – and turn his attention to his cause. This voice you will use during training also tells you that the behavior is not correct. Lift her ass off the ground and direct it to the right place to take a toilet.

– If you saw your dog after a toilet, let it be. Clean the area with detergents that completely destroy the smell of the dog’s toilet. You can buy pet cleaners from the markets or at home. If you do not use a product that completely removes the odor, your dog will continue to smell uric acid and will continue to do so.

– Do not make mental or physical pressure; Do not use frightened and painful methods.

You’re tired of cleaning a dog toilet, angry and sad. If you take your dog’s nerves, shout at him, punish him, he will not help you solve the problem. Your dog will not even know why you’re screaming, and you just have to learn how to be scared, or next time you’ll see the toilet more difficult.

For this reason, I do not know how to create it, but I never use earplugs that are generally recommended in public. These inhumane methods, such as urinating the dog’s nose and beating the newspaper with his ass, do not prevent your dog from toilet. On the contrary, your dog can make places where you can not see the toilet, or if you see the habit of toilet, they are afraid of being afraid.

– If you want to punish someone, you can punish yourself because you do not give your dog adequate hygiene training, avoid eyes and ignore body language and activities. If you feel that the cleaning of the toilet is good enough for you, but not enough, hit the head or the buttocks ten times to repeat the following words: “I will devote more attention to the training of the toilet to my dog”.